ACAB has some racist undertones, historically. I prefer FUCK THESE TRASH ASS COPS.

UK groups who fight racism

Stand Up To Racism [National charity]

Stop Hate UK [National charity]

Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre and Educational Trust [Manchester based Trust which aims torecord the history of BAME people in Manchester]

Football Unites, Racism Divides [Sheffield based charity which uses football and community to fight racism]

BTEG [National charity aiming to end racial inequality througheducation and employment]

Southall Black Sisters [West London based charity who, among other things, run an advice, advocacy and resource centre in West London which provides a comprehensive service to women experiencing violence and abuse and other forms of inequality]

Runnymede Trust  [National think-tank leading the debate on racial inequality]

- Stephen Lawrence Trust ( ) [National charity which aims to get rid of institutional barriers in front of young people]

100 Black Men of London [London based charity aiming to lift young black people up through education and mentoring]

Access UK [National charity providing career services for marginalised people]

The Amos Bursary [National charity working to reduce the gap in prospects between young black people and young white people]

- Generating Genius [London based Charity aiming to open doors to STEM careers for BAME students]

Bristol Hate Crime & Discrimination Services  [Bristol based services for fighting discrimination]

Educate yourself - for free

- Yale University Course on African American History

- University of Exeter Course on British Imperialism
- Books By Black Activists

- Twitter Thread on Documentaries about understanding racism, prejudice, police brutality and more 

-Anti-Racism Resources for White People

- White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo and Michael Eric Dyson

Donation Pages

- Minnesota Freedom Fund for protestors

- The Bail Project

- The Know Your Rights Camp

- Art Against Knives

 Petitions to sign

- Petition for mandatory life sentences for police brutality

- Justice for Breona Taylor

Some Info on Racism in the UK

- 52% of people who die in custody in the UK are black

- 57% of people who die during or following police contact are black

- In 2011, police were 28 times more likely to use ‘Section 60’ stop-and-search powers (where officers do not require suspicion of the person having been involved in a crime) against black people than white people.

Analysis of all stop-and-searches in 2014-2015, by StopWatch , indicated that people from all BPOC groups are twice as likely as white people to be stopped and searched. Black people specifically are 4.2 times as likely as white people to be stopped and searched by the police. Stop and search practices are frequently ineffective. Around 86 per cent of the 539,788 stop and searches made in England and Wales from 2014-2015 did not lead to an arrest.

- Information on how to support BIPOC people during COVID-19

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